Physio Therapy

Physio therapy is a discipline that involves drug-free methods such as stretching, exercises, massage and other techniques designed to relax, retrain and recondition the muscles that have been injured in some way. Physio-therapy is useful for recovery from car accident injuries, sports injuries and personal injuries as well as repetitive stress injuries and chronic conditions that affect form and function of the body. This therapy is at the core of our responsible pain management program and nearly all patients will benefit from its inclusion.

Physio-therapy helps our patients increase strength, stability, and flexibility while correcting poor movement patterns. The result is less pain and proper joint and muscle function. The proper joint and muscle function increases support, range of motion and lowers the risk of future injuries.

Our therapists work directly with our doctors and patients to design rehabilitation programs that address their individual needs. Your therapist will teach you the correct form for your individual exercises and do them with you in the office first so that you feel comfortable and confident doing them regularly at home. During regular appointments, we assess your progress and adjust exercises as necessary to keep you on target for a full recovery.

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