Knee Pain

A man holding his knee in the desert.

Are you tired of suffering with debilitating knee pain?  Are pain medications tearing up your stomach? Have you been told your only option is a Knee Replacement Surgery?  See if you are a candidate for an FDA approved Non-Surgical Pain Relief for Knee Pain and our Knee Rejuvenation Program.  If you are one of the nearly 100 million people in the U.S. who suffer from knee pain, you know how debilitating this chronic condition can be.

Knee pain can strike anyone regardless of age, sex or ethnicity and can be so incapacitating that the only solution has traditionally been narcotic pain killers or surgery. That is, until now.  Traditional knee pain sufferers had a variety of treatment options available, including prescription and over-the-counter pain relief medications, topical analgesics, nutritional supplements, steroid injections and arthroscopic surgery or total knee replacement surgery.  However, a new FDA-approved treatment has been able to help thousands of knee pain sufferers avoid the risks associated with prescription drugs and surgery. In fact, this natural, safe and minimally-invasive procedure has been able to help people get their lives back by providing gradual and lasting pain relief – surgery-free.


  • All natural, FDA-approved Hyaluronic acid injections comfort and soothe painful knees
  • Injections are ultrasound guided to ensure the most accurate delivery and placement
  • We create a customized personal physical therapy program to maximize benefits
  • Our licensed physical therapist and exercise therapists work  individually with each patient

Before you schedule an uncertain surgical procedure…give our office a call and receive more information on our Knee Rejuvenation Program ™.  We would like to invite you to our state of art clinical facilities for a free evaluation. Many people have successfully avoided having knee replacement surgery after beginning treatment with Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid treatment is covered by Medicare and most major insurance. So come in and see us – and get moving again!